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Which One Is Better? PC Gaming or Console Gaming?

Gaming is a dawning obsession which is taking over the world with an alarming speed. Few year’s back games were just considered as a platform of entertainment but today gaming has exceeded its limitation of entertainment. Gaming has become an escape, a way of catharsis, a business and much more. No doubt more and more people are involving in it. With more people adopting this trend, PC and console manufacturers are bound to bring devices which provide something extraordinary for the gaming enthusiasts.gamesblog-it-classifiche-settimanali-console-pc2-586x228

In this race of bringing best on best many kinds of gaming consoles and gaming PCs are introduced in the market. However the question remains there whether PC gives you a better gaming experience or gaming consoles. I personally think PC offers you a more convenient and engulfing experience than a gaming consoles. These are few points which compel me to think PC is far better than consoles.

  • Screen Resolution

Screen resolution plays a chief role in making your gaming best or worst. HD has become a common thing these days even though Xbox and PS come with HD tag but in many cases they don’t give you HD results, whereas PC easily offers a 1080p gaming or even more.

  • Upgradeable Hardware

Whenever a new gaming console is announced gaming enthusiasts get busy in the discussion what upgrades and improvements does that new version offers. However PC gamers don’t have to worry about all this, they can easily invest some money on the part which is not according to their need and get it replaced. On the other hand Console gamers have to spend a lot for buying the new version because old version cannot be upgraded.

  • Game Mods

When new games are released console gamers get only that content which is offered on the initial launch but PC gamers on the other hand have the liberty to enjoy more features in that particular game after some time. People who love playing that particular game create new content which can only be enjoyed on PCs.

  • Storage Space

If you can’t play your favourite games on your gaming device then what is the point in keeping that device? Where Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 struggle with the latest games, gaming PCs can easily handle whatever is thrown at it. With PC you get unlimited storage of hard drive so you can play whichever you game you want without any difficulty.

  • Backward Compatibility

If you are moving from XBox 360 to Xbox One you have to give up on some of your most favourite games. Where new gaming consoles offer you new games they ask you to compromise on older ones. If you are a PC gamer then you are free of these worries, PC allows you to do some manipulation and play older games as well.

  • Cheap Games

Games offered by gaming consoles like Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation are quite expensive as compared to PC games. And the biggest drawback is their prices continue to drive up for new games and for older games as well.